Roberta Remigi | The Top 10 Foodie Things to Eat on Highway 61
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The Top 10 Foodie Things to Eat on Highway 61

A while back I started this “10 top things” serie but i am lazy as fuck plus i needed to travel to have something to say so I finally took the time to put together my travel notes and finalize the top 10 places where we managed to get food in our Highway 61 road trip, plus 2 special mentions because why not. The order is not about the merit or the best food but it will follow the itinerary so you can follow by city.

Nashville (TN)

The Pharmacy

This is a huge beer garden and burger parlor, the craft beer choice was huge and the burgers were h

onest. We also tried tater tots for the first time. The place is pretty nice, a bit too big but we’re italians so the comments sticks for almost every place in the US, the service was fast though.

Prince’s chicken shack

The place opens late, we arrived early but there was a queue already, we queued for more than an hour in the 2pm sun and watched the old lady placing her cake slices slowly, the waiter cleaning the floors twice, the kitchen staff to arrive… Once they opened the store we still had to wait for the oil to get to temperature and the food to be prepared, we arrived at 13:30 we ate at 15:30. Probably it’s the best fried chicken of the US, but (for me)no fried chicken is worth the wait.


Kooky Canuck

Ok, let’s be honest, i expected much more from Memphis in general, but we hit this place just because it was featured in Man vs Food. I did not expect amazing but the turkey burger I got was good. Cocktail list is scary if you are somehow into mixology.

Flying saucer

So much beer and we luckily were there on pint night. Food was very very good, expecially the starters and again so much local beer to try.

Vicksburg (MS)

South 10 rooftop

I got a salad and I was happily surprised, salad in the US have a very different approach compared to salad in Italy. The real deal here though is the view on the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers. Perfect spot.

New Orleans (LA)

Dat dog

Simple and fast but amazingly tasty. Choose your sausage, choose your toppings and choose your sauce and you’re set. This was a perfect solution for a couple of late lunches.


Amazing space, good food and the softest buttery bread. This was our first dinner in New Orleans and I am so happy a lady on the street suggested us this place. It set a tone for our double couple foodie weekend.


We saw Shaya

on Somebody Feed Phil and we were pretty curious. I love Middle Eastern food but trying that in the US could end up a disaster. That dinner was magic instead. Hands down.

Cajun seafood

Boiled crawfish, boiled prawns and boiled crab, cajun fries and gumbo. This place is more a take away then a restaurant but there are tables and you can eat in. Your hands will get dirty but the seafood fest in your mouth will be worth it. (Unfortunately the crawfish was not in season so we had the frozen ones, probably in season you get even more amazed by this place)

Blue oak bbq

There is only one thing we could order on the menu (thankfully we were 4) all meats all sides. This perfect barbeque meant the end of our road trip.



Special mentions:


This Highway GemSarge’s Shak  Pulaski

We were travelling from Linchburg to Memphis when we needed to stop for food, while we were almost surrendering to a gas station pringles and beef jerkey diet we happened to see this place. I’ll be honest this place is weird, they do not clean tables unless you need them so it was full of dirty tables. Anyhow this place is a gem, i had the best burger of the trip while Andrea got a steak and with that he had a starter, a salad, 2 sides and probably the soul of a waitress.

The best breakfast – Stanley  New Orleans

A good breakfast and the freshest orange juice of the trip. This is why we went there twice. They have normal american breakfast but also some seafood breakfast option for those who want to indulge in New Orleans cajun food.


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